Kona Red introduced an antioxidant-rich beverage of the same name made from the red, ripe fruit of the coffee plant. KonaRed is made with 100 percent natural juice, including pineapple, apple and raspberry, and has a berry flavor, the company says. It contains three antioxidants: quinic acid, chlorogenic acid and ferulic acid. The beverage does not contain coffee beans, preservatives or added sugar or caffeine. The company says the product is 100 percent traceable and sustainable as it is derived from the fruit of coffee beans grown on Hawaii’s Big Island. The product is available in 3-ounce wellness shots for $2.99 and 16-ounce bottles for $4.99 in Hawaii, California and Texas.

Kona Red, Kalaheo, Hawaii
Internet: www.konared.com
Distribution: Select markets
Ingredients: KonaRed coffee fruit extract, pineapple juice concentrate, apple juice from concentrate, fruit and vegetable juice color, malic acid, absorbic acid, natural flavors, vitamin E and stevia leaf extract.