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Sarah Gustat

Executive Vice President of Marketing
Talking Rain Beverage Company

Sarah Gustat is the EVP of Marketing at Talking Rain Beverage Company, the Washington-based beverage company behind bestselling sparkling water brand Sparkling Ice® beverages. In her role, Sarah oversees all marketing and project management operations for the business.

As the head of Marketing, Sarah oversaw the company’s transformation from traditional to digital marketing tactics, focusing on targeted advertising on social media and web, and has provided the strategic direction for multiple successful product launches under the Talking Rain Beverage portfolio, including Sparkling Ice +Caffeine and Sparkling Ice Spiked® hard seltzer. In 2021, Sarah led the charge for Talking Rain’s sustainability initiatives to advance the organization’s pledge to give back through reduction, education, and support.

Under Sarah’s leadership, Sparkling Ice has experienced record-breaking growth. Sarah established the pillars of Plan, Predict, and Pivot to better respond to the rapidly evolving marketplace while remaining flexible and resilient. As a result, the Sparkling Ice brand soared, protecting its spot as the #1 selling sparkling water brand in the highly competitive category.

Sarah Gustat is a University of Washington graduate and a native to Washington State. She is an accomplished triathlon athlete and her favorite pastime is traveling the world with her husband.