2021 Program

The Beverage Forum 2021

Future Vision
There’s no question that the U.S. beverage market has undergone a transformation from where it stood even five years ago. Today’s market has embraced brands that have helped consumers fulfill a number of need states in terms of health and wellness, customization, indulgence, convenience and much more. As we embark on a new technologically driven decade, the upcoming leaders and innovators are embracing a vision that supports not only the beverage needs of today but also anticipates wants and desires of the future.

Keynote Speakers

No other beverage conference will give you direct access to the most influential and forward thinking minds in the beverage industry.

  • Brian Smith, President and COO, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Dave Ritterbush, Chief Executive Officer, Califia Farms
  • Mike Repole, Co-Founder and Chairman, BODYARMOR
  • Jim Koch, Brewer & Founder, The Boston Beer Company
  • Anthony von Mandl, O.C., O.B.C., Founder & CEO, The Mark Anthony Group of Companies
  • Phil Rosse, President, Mike’s Hard Lemonade Company
  • Bill Newlands, President & CEO, Constellation Brands

Panel Discussions 

Understanding Consumers in a Time of Crisis

Consumer needs and wants are at the very core of marketing. The enormous economic, social and public health upheaval of 2020, however, has potentially profoundly changed what consumers will seek and demand from products and companies for years to come. What are the best ways to learn about consumer needs and wants that may be more transitory vs. enduring as a result of these transformational forces? How do you ensure that what is learned is properly incorporated into products and marketing that will adequately address these challenges? Top beverage marketers will share how they are gaining deep consumer insights during these turbulent times and how those insights are changing what and how they sell.

Moderator: Kevin Lane Keller, E. B. Osborn Professor of Marketing, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College

The Rise of the Premium Alternate Universe

The premium adult alternative beverage market is taking the industry by storm. As beverage–makers develop more original formulations and products, they are turning to next-generation ingredient solutions (including health and wellness formulations). Whether its alcohol or non-alcohol beverages, consumers are showing that premium and innovation is not a fad but the key to success in the evolving beverage market.

Moderator: Brian Sudano, Managing Partner, Beverage Marketing Corporation

Financial Forecasts: A Wall Street Perspective on the Beverage Market

Like the sound financial guidance that your broker will provide, diversity is key for the future of the beverage market. Beverage-makers are diversifying and transforming their portfolios to provide consumers with the choices they need through organic creation and mergers and acquisitions. In terms of financial performance, some beverage corporations have fared better than during this time and the Wall Street analysts will discuss who is winning and losing.

Bonnie Herzog, Managing Director, Goldman Sachs
Carlos Laboy, Managing Director, Global Beverage Sector Head, HSBC
Robert Ottenstein, Senior Managing Director, Evercore ISI
Moderator: Caroline Levy, Founder, Caroline Levy Advisory Services

The Disruptor Effect

Two decades ago, people might have scoffed at you if they were told that bottled water would be the No. 1 beverage in terms of volume. Today, many just see more potential for the hydration category as it explores new formulation trends. But, what will be the next trend to move the needle in the beverage market? As more states have legalized recreational cannabis, many anticipate this will be a major disruptor to the beverage market; however, the industry already is seeing segments like craft beverages — alcohol and non-alcohol — and plant-based beverages disrupt the status quo.

Moderator: Steve Pintarelli, Publisher, Beverage Industry

Shopping for the Future

The retail market is catering to consumer needs more than ever before. As in-home consumption gains steam, off-premise outlets are stepping up their game to bring consumers convenient delivery services, diverse food and beverage options, and even on-premise consumption solutions to elevate the shopping experience. In the on-premise realm, purveyors are exploring non-alcohol solutions to draw in the next generation of consumers as well as creating niche outlets that truly create an experiential atmosphere.

Moderator: Danny Stepper, Co-Founder & CEO, L.A. Libations

Market Trend Workshops 

Market Trends I: Alcoholic Beverages

The alcoholic beverage segment has recently taken on a new look. A multitude of craft and artisanal beverages and companies have taken the stage creating a whole new array of choices for consumers. With an in-depth review of growth rates, projections, consumer growth patterns, category challenges and much more, you will get a detailed look at the developments that are shaping today’s alcoholic beverage marketplace. We will also explore the consumer. Which category — beer, wine or spirits — is winning and why?

Brian Sudano, Managing Partner, Beverage Marketing Corporation

Market Trends II: Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The current state of the refreshment beverage marketplace is a consumer’s dream: virtually a product for every occasion. But for marketers, there are both challenges and opportunities. The fast pace of change poses pitfalls. Some refreshment beverage categories are thriving; others are struggling to resonate with changing tastes. And the pandemic has added a new layer of complexity to navigate. Learn which categories are growing, which are not and why. Gain valuable insight with an overview of current market trends and learn what the future may hold.

Gary Hemphill, Managing Director & COO BMC Research, Beverage Marketing Corporation