Today’s ever-evolving beverage landscape new challenges and opportunities constantly are emerging. The Beverage Forum is proud to recognize individuals and organizations that have made a real impact on the beverage industry in 2018. These awards celebrate innovation and spotlight best practices within the beverage space. Please join Beverage Industry Magazine and Beverage Marketing Corporation in honoring the recipients of the prestigious Beverage Forum Awards.

Lifetime Achievement Award


Award recipient:
Anthony von Mandl, O.C., O.B.C., Founder & CEO, The Mark Anthony Group of Companies

Anthony von Mandl is a ground-breaking alcohol beverage industry pioneer. As founder and CEO of The Mark Anthony Group of Companies, he began in 1972 in a 10-foot-by -10-foot office in Vancouver as Canada’s first wine merchant. Since those humble roots, he’s had a string of remarkable accomplishments: his company was the first in the world to develop flavored hard ciders, and the first in Canada to create the RTD FMB category with the launch of Mike’s Hard Lemonade in 1996, which was then launched in the U.S. in 1999 to immediate and enduring success. With the 2016 introduction of hard seltzer brand White Claw, the company’s dominance of today’s FMB category was further solidified. These are just a few of the many achievements that Anthony has realized during tenure. Please join all of us in congratulating Anthony as this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winner.

Large Company of the Year

The peaks and valleys of business performance is where true leaders are made. As the craft beer market has experienced a softening, some companies saw their robust year-over-year sales decelerate. The Boston Beer Co. was not immune to impacts of a maturing craft beer market. However, the storied craft brewer focused its efforts in 2018 on key innovations, product quality and strong brand messaging through the efforts of not only its employees but its distributor and retailer partners. Among the premium brands in its portfolio, The Boston Beer Co.’s Twisted Tea and Truly Spiked and Sparkling have exemplified its innovative creativity while also delivering robust sales. These performances and collaborations with partners have propelled The Boston Beer Co.’s return to its double-digit revenue growth. The forward-thinking leadership from this company is a true testament to how beverage companies can return to successful financial performance when they tap into that innovative spirit that first made them a sensation. Please join us in congratulating The Boston Beer Co. for being named The Beverage Forum’s Large Company of the Year!

Accepted by:
Jim Koch, Brewer & Founder, The Boston Beer Company

Small Company of the Year

When you want to make a better sports beverage for athletes, you turn to the athletes to know what they want and need. When the founders of BODYARMOR first sought to develop a premium sports drink that provides superior hydration, they knew the two-brand dominated sports drink market was ripe for an innovative, athlete-focused solution. With input from athlete investors, BODYARMOR is a premium, natural sports beverage that is packed with electrolytes, coconut water and vitamins, and is low in sodium and high in potassium. From there, the company has developed a low-calorie solution in BODYARMOR LYTE and premium sport water with BODYARMOR SportWater. These premium athlete-focused sports beverage innovations coupled with a blockbuster distribution deal through The Coca-Cola Co. network are helping BODYARMOR shakeup the sports beverage market. Please join us in congratulating BODYARMOR in receiving The Beverage Forum’s Small Company of the Year award!

Accepted by:
Mike Repole, Founder & Chairman, BODYARMOR
Brent Hastie, President, BODYARMOR

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