The past few years have been a real challenge for any beverage business trying to successfully navigate the supply chain.  The COVID pandemic has left a lasting impact on the industry, leading to labor shortages and logistical complications. However, these issues have been further compounded by rising fuel prices, new regulatory threats, and concerns over inflation. Clearly, when it comes to logistics in 2023, the only thing certain is continued uncertainty.  

G3 Logistics, headquartered in Modesto, California, is an industry expert in providing logistics solutions for food and beverage companies needing help moving products across the state and throughout the country.  G3 manages its own fleet of privately-owned, insulated boxcars exclusively designed for and available to its wine, spirits, beverage, and food customers. In addition, the company owns an extensive fleet of dry vans and intermodal options which provides their customers the opportunity to move their raw materials, bulk liquid or finished goods to the destination safely and on-time. 

Every business prefers control over uncertainty to manage their business operations efficiently.  This is why many beverage companies in the U.S. have chosen rail as a new option to handle their logistics needs and minimize uncertainty in moving their products. By adding and integrating rail to their intermodal transportation planning, savvy companies are discovering that rail puts them not only in control over their logistics but also lowers carbon emission.

In addition, for a long haul, rail is typically more affordable than truck transportation on a per case/per pallet basis.  Just one railcar can easily handle 3-4 trucks and one train can haul the equivalent of 400 trucks.  An added benefit for many companies today is the fact that when you go rail, you go green as you improve your fuel efficiency four times more than compared to relying solely on truck transportation. Using rail enables companies to meet their green initiatives which directly benefits customers whose companies use scorecards for green initiatives.  

“We ship more than 10,000 rail cars a year with our fleet of insulated rail cars exclusively designed for transporting wine, spirits, beverages and food,” said Nicole Ostertag, Director of Global Distribution for G3.  She added, “No matter the time of year or the ultimate destination, our rail cars deliver within the temperature tolerances that meet the quality requirements of all the largest wineries, beverage and food companies in North America. This eliminates both costly frozen loads during the winter months and quality concerns during the summer.”  With rail-served locations in key California markets and every population center across the United States, G3 extends the reach of its customers’ ability to capitalize on rail efficiencies and shipping economies of scale with its large fleet of insulated boxcars that help ensure product quality and dependability of supply year-round.

As products travel through the supply chain, G3 manages freight and warehousing charges G3 provides end-to-end expertise using the efficiencies of rail with the convenience of trucks.  The company uses the latest technology and provides its customers the ability to monitor their loads in real time.  Once products reach their destination, G3 generates a single invoice reflecting the entire sequence of activities.


Transportation is just one component of an effective logistics solution.  You also need access to warehouses in strategic locations throughout the country. G3’s Warehouse Division can accommodate any business’s storage needs through a network of warehouses dedicated to 3PL services.   

As a 3PL Logistics provider, G3 has extensive experience with third and fourth-party logistics, which provides a unique perspective and deep understanding of the industry.  It offers secure warehousing, handling, transportation, beverage and food storage, distribution, import/export compliance, inventory management and value-added services.  G3’s WMS technology and multiple years of experience all translate to reliability and consistency. Through G3’s state-of-the-art warehouse management systems, customers have access to real-time visibility and tracking of their products.

Cans and Lids

One of the key benefits of being a G3 customer is access to its team of experts who are dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations.  This includes G3’s Can Division.  G3 serves many beverage customers including craft beer, wine, seltzers, energy drinks, ready-to-drink cocktails, kombucha and water from throughout the United States and Canada.  It has two manufacturing partners, located in Waco, Texas, and a soon-to-open facility in Nashua, New Hampshire, which provide a dedicated offering of cans and lids, customizable pull tabs and colorized ends at lower costs, with shorter lead times and no artwork setup costs.  Best of all, as your business grows, G3 offers access to capacity simply by placing a purchase order per transaction to multi-year agreements. 

The big news is that G3 just announced it will match the price or beat the price from any competitor for stock brite cans and ends!  Contact G3 today to learn more about this offer and learn how G3’s lower minimum order quantities, our printing capabilities and our reliable supply sources allow us to meet the needs of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage companies regardless of size.*

Next Level Know How

“When it comes to proven beverage supply-chain solutions, G3 delivers.  Put our next level ‘know how’  and logistics solutions to work for your business,” said G3’s Ostertag. She added, “You will find that our people, technology, expertise and experience are the key  points of differentiation.”

To learn more about G3 Enterprises and all its offerings, visit:

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* Terms and Conditions: In order to qualify for matched or competitive pricing, the competitor’s product(s) must be identical in size, weight, color and quantity to those products offered by G3. Customer must provide proof of the competitor’s price for such products.  Such proof (i) shall be in the form of a purchase order, invoice or bona fide quote from the competitor, (ii) must include the competitor’s product SKU and quoted price, and (iii) must be dated and valid within 90 days of the match request.  G3 reserves the right to independently verify the competitor’s price and the availability of the products.  If G3 is unable to verify, G3 may decline the customer’s request.  To be eligible for matched or competitive pricing, a customer must purchase a minimum of one truckload (25 pallets) of product from G3, which products must be delivered within 30 days of purchase to a location within the United States.  Contractual restrictions may apply. Limited supplies available. This offer is valid from May 1, 2023 – November 30, 2023. Provided that G3 has products available for purchase, there will be no maximum order limit for each customer.  This offer excludes products shipped from or sold by third-party sellers and products purchased in less-than-truckload quantities. This offer excludes shipping and handling. Products cannot be resold or returned. G3 does not offer rain checks, cannot guarantee product availability or hold products, and does not provide notifications when the products are available.