We believe premium energy drinks deserve better than cheap, synthetic caffeine. With a cutting-edge portfolio of clinically researched ingredients and over two decades of experience, AFS helps functional beverages stay on top. 

PurTea® Organic Caffeine – Turn over a new leaf with PurTea®, a carefully extracted caffeine concentrated from sustainably sourced green tea leaves. PurTea® is a fully water-soluble, shelf-stable powder with a less bitter flavor than most caffeinated ingredients. 
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PurCaf® Organic Caffeine – Coffee is one of the most trusted sources of caffeine, and PurCaf® comes from ethically sourced green (unroasted) coffee beans. This pure white powder provides a clean energy boost from coffee with a neutral flavor for a wide range of beverage applications. Ask us about the health benefits of adding antioxidants to caffeine.
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AmaTea® Organic Guayusa Extracts – Guayusa ("gwhy-you-sah") is a 'super leaf' from the Amazon rainforest. Our patented extraction process highlights the naturally occurring antioxidants and caffeine from guayusa for a cognitive, uplifting energy experience. With ongoing clinical studies in esports, sports nutrition, and nootropic function, we are excited to introduce two organic guayusa extracts to the market.
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