Product recovery (“pigging”) is widely used by beverage manufacturers. It’s an incredibly effective way to increase yields, cut waste, and improve environmental sustainability. 

The results are fast and the benefits substantial. A pigging system will quickly give you a high ROI.

In fact, companies that use pigging save thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars year on year. As an example, an HPS pigging system is saving a beverage company roughly $31,500 US dollars per day. 

Pigging also has additional benefits to beverage producers such as speeding up changeover times, increasing capacity, preventing aeration, and foaming, and decreasing cross-contamination risks.  

This exclusive guide provides an overview of sanitary pigging for the food and beverage industry. It includes an introduction to how pigging works, the benefits, important things to consider and much more. 

So, if you manufacture, bottle, or process beverages, food, or similar type products, download this guide today to learn more!


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