ZAHM & NAGEL, a world leader for over 100 years in the engineering, manufacture and service of quality control, testing and carbonation equipment for the brewing and beverage industries. Setting the industry standard for quality, Zahm & Nagel offers a wide range of state-of-the-art, handcrafted and 100% American made products that are easy to use, versatile and effective in harsh environments with the highest percentage of accuracy possible for quality control in every area of brewing and beverage production.

Offering the 9000-R Pilot plant designed for accurate and repeatable performance in laboratory testing that will carbonate, filter and bottle in small batches for almost any type of beverage. Zahm & Nagel also offers the pneumatic 8000-P Gauge Tester with extreme accuracy for calibrating pressure gauges that experience frequent agitation, the 10,000 series of CO2 Purity Testers that provides quality control for determining CO2 purity from 50% to 100%, the Zahm SS-60 Volume Meter that determines CO2 gas levels in tank-stored beverages, and the 5,000 series Air Testers that tests the air content of bottles and cans.

The Zahm & Nagel 16,000 series of Ceramic Carbonating Stones has been the industry standard for providing excellence in performance and uniform carbonation. In keeping with our commitment to serve our customer’s needs, Zahm & Nagel has also developed the 19,000 series of Stainless Steel Carbonating Stones designed to meet the requirements of small and medium size breweries, as well as a smaller diameter stainless steel stone for microbreweries.

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