Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., Boston, announced a collaboration with Atlantic Sea Farms, a women-run regenerative kelp aquaculture company, also local to New England, based in Maine, for ingredient use in Atlantic Sea Farms’ Cranberry Kelp Cubes. The sustainably grown kelp product further expands Ocean Spray's functional product and ingredients portfolio. 

The Cranberry Kelp Cubes offer a way to combine two powerful superfoods that come from regenerative farming practices giving consumers a way to enhance their everyday diet and enjoy the health benefits of these nutrient dense, antioxidant rich, non-GMO, family farmed ingredients, the company says. Ingredients in the product include Kelp puree, cranberry puree and cranberry seeds.

“Through this ingredients collaboration with Atlantic Sea Farms for use of Cranberry Kelp Cubes, Ocean Spray is able to align itself with a company that is living at the forefront of sustainability and innovation, prioritizing family-farmed products and innovation all while expanding opportunities for Maine’s fishing communities,” said Katy Galle, senior vice president of research, development and sustainability at Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., in a statement. “We are excited to bring attention to the significance of regenerative farming, mutually believing good food should do good, and we are dedicated to increasing transparency and sustainability within the food system while creating 'craveable' and innovative products.”

Atlantic Sea Farms kelp is fresh, never dyed, and sustainably grown at home in the clean cold waters of Maine. The company is dedicated to making a powerful and positive impact on the health of customers and oceans with developing products made from sustainably farmed sea greens, it says.

“We work with Maine fishermen to grow kelp in their offseason as a climate change adaption and mitigation strategy. By making tasty, healthy, easy-to-use fresh kelp products, we are helping to create a new and climate-friendly industry in the US. We are proud to partner with Ocean Spray ― a company that also puts their community of family farms, and the health and wellness of their customers and the planet, first,” said Briana Warner, president and CEO of Atlantic Sea Farms.

Cranberry Kelp Cubes pack a nutritional punch to any recipe, and are currently available in all Sprouts stores for a suggested retail price of $7.49, with online availability at a retail price of $23.99.