Beverage Industry

SABMiller says third quarter volume flat

January 19, 2010

SABMiller plc today issued its third quarter volumes. Lager volumes for the third quarter, ended Dec. 31., were level with the prior year, and 1 percent below last year for the first nine months of the financial year. Soft drinks volumes grew 2 percent in the quarter.
Consumer demand during the quarter varied across markets, the second-largest brewer said with some markets showing tentative signs of recovery, while in others demand remained subdued.
In Latin America, lager volumes grew by 4 percent in the quarter. Soft drinks volumes were up 9 percent in the region due to a strong sales performance in Central America, SABMiller said, in a statement.
In Europe, third quarter lager volumes declined 2 percent. In Africa, lager volumes rose 7 percent. Soft drink volumes across the region grew 7 percent on the same basis.
In South Africa, lager volumes declined 4 percent in the quarter as the country continued to experience a softening of consumer demand. Market share declined marginally over the quarter, it said. Soft drinks volumes also were down 5 percent in South Africa, impacted by a weak economy and unseasonal cold weather at the start of the quarter.
Volume growth in China slowed to 6 percent with heavy snow and wet weather suppressing demand across the country, the brewer said. Volumes in India were down 7 percent as well following excise increases and a continuation of regulatory impediments.